Hello dear lovers of nature and photography! Today and the next few days please be careful with the sun, see these marking at the sun? (behind the clouds) those are the “SUN SPOTS” looking MEGA UNUSUAL … in other words .. take it easy with he sun !! “Sunspot region AR3615” still spitting out flares and they are above what we normally receive.

Photos taken above Miami, Florida March 26th @ 5pm ET

"Earth’s magnetic field took a rollercoaster ride over the past 24 hours! We reached minor-to-moderate geomagnetic storm levels (G1-G2) early yesterday. They increased to G4 (severe) for a brief time afterwards. During most of that time, it was still light outside for those of us in the Americas, but auroras were reported down to Tasmania in the Southern Hemisphere” - earthsky.org

Or follow link: https://earthsky.org/sun/sun-news-activity-solar-flare-cme-aurora-updates/