Oscar Moyano

Light is the source of my inspiration. When I was a kid, photography was one of my biggest dreams, which I thought I could never accomplish. It was never an easy journey. Some will understand. Challenges are there for some, but those challenges are the ones that make us better, stronger and more humble humans. We pick ourselves up and keep going, looking for beauty and more lessons in love and humanity keep finding us.

Life and light — I see them in my own way and I wish I could share with others what I feel when I photograph. Love.

There's love and light everywhere. We just need to find it, from within ourselves. Photography taught me that amongst other things.

On a side note, I have driven across the United States for the past 4 years and I have seen the best, as well I have seen the unique qualities of what makes us all magnificent humans special.

Currently based in Bend, Oregon, but I can operate from Miami or Los Angeles on demand.

For commissioned work or any questions please email me at: oscar@moyanophotography.com